About Us

Who we Are

Founded in 2004, Sprint Oil & Gas Services FZ provides high-end solutions and relevant quality services to Oil and Gas Exploration and Production clients in the Middle East, North and East Africa and Asia. Currently, we are serving clients in the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, East Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Our prime objective is client satisfaction.

Our commitment to client satisfaction has resulted in key operators such as MOL, ENI, HUNT OIL, PETRONAS, AFRICAN OIL, OGDCL, GAZPROM, PPL, BHP, UEPL (formerly BP) and KAR Group trusting SPRINT with long term contracts. Clients' growing confidence and satisfaction towards SPRINT's Efficiency and Service Quality can be reflected by the ever-increasing number of clients despite the global decline in the oilfield market over the last few years.

During this span of time, SPRINT has successfully put in place a team of highly professional individuals who have delivered exceptionally well in our areas of specialty. Since inception, there are a growing number of employees added to our organization. We strongly believe that effective knowledge and values come from sharing ideas and cultures from diverse backgrounds. Therefore, SPRINT has more than 300 permanently employed individuals with 10 different nationalities supporting SPRINT activities around the region. We built our reputation on the hard work of a dedicated and cohesive team that fully embodies SPRINT's spirit.

Our Vision

To be the First Call by the E&P Companies wherever we work

Our Mission

To provide best in class pressure pumping services to the upstream industry and maximize our customers’ Return On Investment through our services and solutions.

To conduct our business in a sustainable profitable manner based on;

  • Professional Ethics
  • Motivated and Well Trained Workforce
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Technology
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Respect for the Communities we Work in

Our System Transformation

Our System Transformation

Sprint maintains its market share by maximizing client’s return on investments through prompt and responsive technical support. Along with the exponential growth of the company, our infrastructure is continually updated by continually seeking and adopting state-of-the-art systems and solutions. Our steadfast commitment to development have allowed us to meet and exceed expectations of our growing clients.

Continuous improvements in our systems and infrastructure are driven by the following commitments:

  • Secure company and client's information
  • Share technical and operational resources to the various operating locations
  • Readily available experience and knowledge to all our locations
  • Ensure consistent quality of technical support across all operating locations
  • Standardize company image
  • Ensure long-term company and market sustainability.

Through SPRINT’s continued commitment, various platforms were deployed to support the ever-growing demands and requirements for training and development, maintenance management, HSE reporting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as well as technical and operational databases. These platforms have allowed SPRINT to operate with efficiency while being in line with the company’s strategic goals and objectives.

Sprint Training & E-Learning Program (STEP)

SPRINT Training & E-learning Program (STEP), is an online learning platform that allows employees to further enhance their skills and technical competencies. It also allows the management to monitor their advancement throughout the entire process. It is designed as integrated training platform for all the associated departments of SPRINT to include Technical & Operations Department, QHSE, Human Resources, Finance, Supply Chain and Administration. The learning opportunities presented in the program allows for systematic career advancement within a given discipline as well as developing competence across multiple discipline.

Continuous learning allows employees to consistently develop as well as become innovators in their field of specialties. This paradigm allows for both the employee and SPRINT to be abreast with the ever demanding and constantly evolving challenges of the oil and gas industry.

The core objectives of STEP are:

  • Synchronized knowledge for our workforce and continued development aligned with company and industry requirements.
  • Centralized knowledge-based platform that is user friendly and allows for ease of access.
  • Continuous update of both technical and non-technical knowledge
  • Provide baseline for SPRINT professionals and allow for eligibility in higher level of trainings.
  • Facilitate tracking of training progress
  • Technical and soft skills mapping of employee and assessment of professional growth.

Maintenance Management System (MMS)

SPRINT Maintenance Management System is a web-based application accessible in all our operating locations. It facilitates a comprehensive means of managing equipment performance, quality assurance and reducing safety hazard.

Through Sprint MMS, fixed asset history, maintenance log and scheduling are readily available. Management of resources required for maintenance and repair is also included in the system. This platform assures that all Sprint equipment on site will operate in an cost-effective and efficient way.

SAP Business One

In the domain of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SPRINT utilizes SAP Business One in integrating key departmental functions in the organization including financial management and supply chain management. The platform has streamlined our processes, allowed real-time sharing of information and have significantly our work efficiency.

SPRINT QHSE Management System

A homegrown platform that provides a 360-degree view of our Sprint’s QHSE related function such as incident reporting and management, KPI monitoring and other functions. This multi-faceted QHSE and risk management system enables us to conduct operations in manners that always protects the people, equipment and the environment.

Our People

Sprint Oil & Gas Services takes great pride in our team of experienced oilfield personnel. We have built our reputation on the hard work of a dedicated, cohesive team that fully embodies the Sprint spirit. Our team is built on the following tenets:

Knowledge and Experience

The average oilfield seniority of our staff is 14 years. Sprint's team of devoted professionals is its main asset. We encourage our staff to remain up to date with current industry trends through both our Training Program STEP and the active contribution in Universities / SPE technical events.


Extensive knowledge and experience working in synergy with set procedures and standards are key elements to Sprint’s quality service delivery. We understand the significant importance of operating in the safest capacity and thus ensure that our operations are fully run to international and local regulations.


Sprint has a diversified and experienced workforce. Recruiting personnel from over 10 countries, we understand the value that comes from sharing ideas and cultures from many backgrounds. Sprint actively encourages an inclusive environment.


Sprint implements a hands-on technical and operational training program (STEP) for more than 70% of the total workforce on a yearly basis. Sound technical knowledge is the bedrock of our operation and we ensure our clients have the best minds on their projects.


Since 2004, Sprint has seen a continuous growth in its business. The team has been increased considerably as we strive to serve a growing clientele. Today, Sprint Oil & Gas Services has more than 300 permanent employees.

Our Growth

Expanding Portfolio

With a Product and Service Portfolio that spans the life cycle of a well— Cementing, Completion, Production, Testing, Remedial Intervention and Abandonment— along with a robust research and development setup at our headquarters, we are well positioned to meet the ever-evolving needs of the industry. Our commitment to client satisfaction has resulted in key operators trusting SPRINT with long term contracts. Clients' growing confidence and satisfaction towards SPRINT's Efficiency and Service Quality can be reflected by ever increasing number of clients despite of the global decline in the oilfield market over the last few years.

Exponential Growth

While the oilfield market has been stagnant during the last couple of years, Sprint managed to make a remarkable growth year on year. We have grown exponentially in almost all the countries we operate, and today, we have grown by six folds compared to ten years ago and twice as big as in 2011. During this challenging expansion, we have always focused on HSE and Service Quality. With a growing learning curve, we have always valued Client Input to further improve our Service Delivery.

Diversified Services

Since inception in 2004 and till YE-2020, SPRINT added 70 complete packages covering cementing, nitrogen, tools, stimulation, Multiphase flow meter testing, snubbing and coiled tubing equipment. From 2013 to 2020, we have increased our operational assets by more than 136% in the Pumping, Cementing and Coiled Tubing domain to cover the growing high-pressure pumping and rig-less operations market needs, and to expand our portfolio offering in various countries.


Performance and Service Quality

From 2005 to 2020, SPRINT performed more than 4000 cementing, coiled tubing and stimulation jobs for various clients. During this period SPRINT maintained an outstanding average efficiency of 98% with a minimum of 95% in any one year. SPRINT always depict a highly professional approach in the execution of its operations and gained appreciation from different clients for its efficiency in terms of Job Planning, Mobilization of Services, Safe Job Execution, and Conclusive Post Job Analysis. The year-on-year increment in the number of operating hours of SPRINT indicates the level of confidence and trust between valued clients and SPRINT. This has been achieved through our professionalism, QHSE performance, technical support, competency of operating crews, technical support, and timely response.

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